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Top Hair Trends for 2020

A lot of texture is in for 2020 and bobs are going to be big.

The most popular bob length for 2020 will be the jawline and the cut should be crisp and blunt. Layers should be avoided if possible, if layers are needed we suggest square layers to help keep the blunt shape.

The great thing about blunt cut bobs are the styling opportunities are endless. You can dry in lots of volume or have it sleek and straight. Minimal waves look amazing and you can quickly change up your look by switching your parting from the middle to the side and vice versa.

Texture is also trending in fringes (or bangs) and the 70's inspired shaggy fringe is back for 2020. Fresh, textured movement in your fringe will look cool on any length hair. You can even part your fringe in the middle for a cool girl look.

What's great about these textured looks is that they are minimal and can be achieved with minimum effort. Great next day hair!

The Pixie cut looks like it will also be making its way into becoming a 2020 trend. It's the ultimate, classic short haircut that makes a strong impact.

Fresh, fuss free colour is still big and soft blonde hues and golden tones can be added to most bases. Balayage is the ultimate colour service for adding tones where you want them and keeping your colour low maintenance. Highlights and lowlights can be added to give tone, depth and dimension which also give hair a look of more volume and texture.

We are looking forward to adding lots of sun kissed streaks for the summer.

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