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Welcome to our incredible world of Hair Extensions and why they can be a game changer for your hair!

Discover the numerous benefits of using Hair Extensions beyond just adding length and volume.

From versatility to protection, our extensions offer more than you realise.

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Instant Volume and Length

Hair Extensions are the quickest way to achieve the long, voluminous locks you've always dreamed of. 

Skip the waiting time for your hair to grow naturally and enjoy an instant transformation. 


Protection from Heat and Styling Damage

By using Hair Extensions you can reduce the need for excessive heat styling on your natural hair. This helps maintain the health of your hair, preventing split ends and breakage caused by constant styling and gives your hair a chance to strengthen and grow.


Temporary Colour Changes 

Experiment with different hair colours without the commitment.

Hair Extensions alloy you to play with different colours, enabling you to change your look without affecting your natural hair colour. 


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Achieve the Colour you want

If your hair is too fragile for lightener or at a shade that doesn't allow the colour you want to be acheived, that colour can be added through extensions giving you the colour you want and without compromising your hair.  

Conceal Thin

Conceal Thinning Hair

or Bald Spots

If you are experiencing thinning hair or bald spots, hair extensions can be a life saver. They offer a natural-looking solution to conceal these areas and restore a fuller, more youthful experience. 

Get your glow back

The most important benefit of all, hair extensions can be a transformative solution. You get an immediate transformation and you no longer have to hide away.

Hair Additions

Don't let thin sides dim your hair dreams.

Our Additions service is here to turn

your vision into reality.

A few extensions can make all the difference.

We can add just a couple to each side to transform

your hair into that style you always dreamed of

but could never achieve. 


We can add fullness to the hair aswell as length.  




Unfortunately the front and sides

of the hair are more prone to

breakage and thinning so they don't grow

as fast, so just by adding a couple of

extensions to the front and sides

 can you give you fullness,

length and a completely new style. 


As it is just a couple of additions it is

really quick and easy and

doesn't take too much time added on

to your service. 

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Having fine, weak or damaged hair that just doesn't grow can be soul destroying and leave you not feeling great every day.  Don't under estimate what the power of hair extensions can do.

You will literally gain your confidence back overnight - and have amazing hair too.

Our expert Hair Artists make sure your hair is looked after aswell as your extensions and your

hair will not be damaged at all whilst you have your extensions in. 

Our procedures are kind to your hair, we treat your extensions on your re-fits and most guests find their natural hair grows whilst having extensions.

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The methods we use are tapes, nanos, wefts and tape wefts.

We will advise on the ones best suited to your lifestyle and hair and the result

you want to achieve. 

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Our extensions specialists offer complimentary consultations.

If you would like to come in for an informal chat please click here. 

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