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Seasonal Hair Loss - It's a thing!

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

If you are starting to notice more hair in your brush than normal right now, don't panic. As it happens, seasonal hair loss is actually normal in the Summer and late Autumn, so although you might be finding it unsettling to see right now, some extra shredding in the months leading up to winter is no cause for panic.

We can normally expect to lose anywhere from 50 - 100 strands of hair per day but it is also proven that people do shed more at certain times of the year and several studies have suggested that hair grows thicker in the spring and starts to thin late summer while being at its peak in Autumn.

So why does your hair shred so much in Autumn?

Throughout the year, hairs exist in various stages simultaneously and when it comes to Autumn a large portion of hair enters the shedding phase.

Along with this, your hair is up against the battle of cold, dry weather which causes scalp dryness, itching and irritation. As a result, hair follicles become inflamed and hair is prone to breakage and excessive shedding.

Seasonal hair shedding can last 2-3 months.

You can't prevent shedding but here are some tips on how to keep your hair strong and full and promote new healthy hair growth:

Eat a well-balanced diet

Meet your daily intake of protein levels and don't skimp on fruits, veggies and fatty acids - essential nutrients your follicles feed on, and hair cells need to divide and promote growth.

Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water is essential for our body, but did you know it is also great for your hair and scalp health? Staying hydrated maintains healthy nerve endings in the scalp, keeping our roots strong and promoting hair growth.

Take supplements

Supplements can certainly feed our hair with the nutrients it needs to grow back longer, thicker and stronger. Our supplement of choice is Grow It - a natural supplement designed to target problem hair by providing it with an essential blend of vitamins and minerals. As well as the impressive list of active ingredients specifically selected to encourage strong, healthy hair growth; Grow It’s 100% natural, bulk-free base is formulated with a blend of spirulina, wheatgrass, barley grass and chlorella. These superfoods are cram-packed with nutrients that are well known to support not just hair health, but health and wellbeing generally – bonus.

Strengthen hair at the root

Healthy hair starts from within and at the scalp. Among one of the biggest culprits of poor scalp health is buildup around the hair follicles, which is caused by the overuse of hair and scalp products, like dry shampoo, heavy oils, and sprays aswell as dirt and sweat. If your hair follicles are clogged up, new hair coming through could be thinner and weaker and, therefore, breaking more easily. In fact, permanently blocked or obstructed follicles may eventually cease to produce hair at all.

We recommend you exfoliate your scalp on a weekly basis no more, no less to help boost the skin cell turnover process and provide you with strong, shiny healthy hair.

Why not book in for our Scalp.Spa Regimen which is the ultimate treatment for your hair and scalp.

You can also purchase our Kevin.Murphy Scalp.Spa Scrub and Scalp.Spa Wash to perfect your scalp routine at home.

Treat the rest of your hair

Make an extra effort in the winter months to have regular trims and deep conditioning treatments to keep the hair strong and healthy. Limiting heat styling always helps but make sure you are using heat protection when you do use styling tools.

Make sure the shampoo and conditioner your are using are sulphate free, to help stop the build up of silicones clogging the scalp.

Be careful with the hats

Dry, brittle hair is more likely to break due to the friction of a hat rubbing against it. The winter is when you are more likely to wear a hat but also when your hair can be weak. So follow the tips above to help prevent this.

Please note:

You should avoid exposing your scalp to direct sunlight after exfoliating. If you need to go outdoors in the sun after exfoliating, make sure you wear a hat or spray a SPF formulated for your scalp and hair.

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