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Refresh your coloured hair or discover a new look with the Wella Professionals Color Fresh Semi-Permanent Colour Mask. Ideal for those looking for a temporary change, this luxurious mask combines conditioning care with semi-permanent colour. Available in a variety of shades from natural to bright, the mask works to revive the appearance of faded colour with zero damage. 

Working in just 10 minutes, the mask is packed with conditioning ingredients such as Avocado Oil to offer rich care, leaving your hair feeling smooth and moisturised. 

Whether you are looking to tone blonde hair, add depth to brunette or copper hues or restore the vitality of your vivid colour, this multi-benefit mask has you covered. 

The temporary colour fades gradually with no harsh grow-out lines, offering the perfect low-commitment home transformation. 

Colour results can vary depending on the mask used and the base level and porosity of the hair - the lighter the hair the brighter the colour. 

Wella Color Fresh Mask Rose Blaze

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