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Hair & Scalp Treatments

Tired Hair? Damaged Hair? The condition and vitality of your hair are important to us.

Our Treatment Menu is tailored to encourage and maintain healthy hair, prolong in-salon treatments and

provide long-lasting nourishment, vibrancy and hydration. 

Our luxurious hair treatments are relaxing and keep your hair and scalp in balance and

working together in harmony.

All Treatments include a relaxing scalp massage and a hot towel for a rejuvenating experience.

With the exception of our Express Masques and Glossing Treatment, all our treatments include

a hair steaming service. 

We will prescribe your most suitable treatment after analysing your hair. 

We wouldn't be a Hair Spa without a Hair Spa Signature Service.

Let us help you beautify, purify and detoxify your scalp.

Optimal scalp health provides optimal hair growth.

Why not pop in for a consultation and we can write a hair care plan tailored to you.

Please note, we are unable to accommodate children in the spa.


Kevin Murphy
Express Masques

Luxurious Drinks for Dehydrated Hair  £10

If you are short on time then our Kevin Murphy Luxury Treatment Express Masques only take 5 minutes without compromising on results. 

They restore moisture, treat parched hair, deeply condition and reduce frizz.

They are lightweight and protect from future damage.

Hydate.Me: Re-hydrates and softens dry, frizzy and coarse hair types.

Young.Again: Repairs and restores the lustre to dry, damaged or brittle hair. 

Angel: Restores, conditions and thickens fine, dry and coloured hair. Re-hydrates, promotes hair growth and reduces damage to reveal healthier, shinier hair.

Restore: Replenishes dry, damaged and over-styled hair. Reconstructs brittle hair & rebuilds & restores elasticity, strength and moisture.

Blonde Angel: A colour enhancing treatment for blonde hair. Enhances, refreshes & repairs brassy and yellow tones in blonde hair, this transforming treatment is the ideal product for all your blonde hair needs. It not only enhances colour but also de-frizzes, softens, tames and reduces breakage.

Kevin Murphy

Facials For Your Hair  £18

Inspired by the latest skincare ingredients, the Treat.Me range is a collection of 'made to order' in-salon intense treatments that deliver deep conditioning, shine and

long-lasting nourishment.

Plant derived 'super proteins' help to strengthen and repair everyday damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments.

Treat.Me Strength:

For distressed hair that is weak, brittle and damaged.

It restores strength, thickness and elasticity.

Everlasting Colour Treatment:

Protects colour from fading. Increases shine, vibrancy and radiance. Creates the bonds within the hair for greater protection.

Treat.Me Moisture:

Personalised treatment for hair that is dehydrated, frizzy or chemically treated. Smoothes, hydrates and improves moisture retention for softness and shine.

Beautiful model girl with shiny brown and straight long  hair . Keratin  straightening . T

Redken Glossing Treatment 

Extend Colour & Achieve Glass-Like Shine  £10  

Our Glossing Range extends colour and delivers amazing shine and condition for your best hair yet!


* Delivers colour vibrancy for up to 32 washes

* 3 days of frizz-controlled hair + 76% shine

* Hair is protected against heat and receives a boost of hydration 

Available with your blow dry / cutting services.

Recommended a week after your colour service. 

Kevin Murphy

Scalp.Spa Health Regimen -

The Foundation for Healthy Hair  £10  

Our Scalp.Spa Health Regimen is the ultimate treatment for your hair and scalp giving you the foundation for beautiful, healthy hair.


Relieves an irritated scalp, removes unwanted oil, balances, combats dryness, calms, smoothes and nourishes.


It treats your hair and scalp as gently as you would your skin.


This 2-part regimen consists of a Scrub and a Wash. 


Scrub away impurities from the scalp and hair follicle for optimal scalp health and hair growth.

Scalp.Spa Intense  -

The Complete Solution for Problematic Scalps  £32 

Scrub and Wash

Treatment & Serum

The complete solution for problematic scalps

Reduces Irritation and itchiness

Targeted, soothing, leave-in scalp treatment on problem areas. Contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. Regulates oil/sebum production. .

Screenshot 2024-04-06 at 13.36.52.png

Olaplex 4 in 1

Professional Strength Reparative Moisture Mask  £30 


  • 4-IN-1 Moisture Mask is a highly concentrated, in-salon only reparative treatment that delivers intense moisture, shine & body to damaged hair

  • Powered by Olaplex's patented Bond Building technology, it helps repair broken hair bonds and restore damage

  • Professional-strength Ceramides, Oils & 11 vital Amino Acids provide a luxurious deep conditioning treatment in just 10 minutes

  • Clinical results on damaged hair: 74% saw more moisture, 84% saw more shine, 84% saw more smoothness & 94% saw more body



* Puts the moisture back into damaged, brittle and dull hair.

* Strengthens the most fragile of hair bonds

* Adds intense moisture to even the most damaged hair

* Adds an intensive and long-lasting shine to the hair

* Adds unbeatable body back into hair


Olaplex Mini & Stand Alone Treatments 

Mini Treatment £15

Stand Alone Treatment £25 


The Olaplex Mini Treatment is a great way to repair and rejuvenate your hair without committing to a full treatment.

There are multiple benefits of a Mini Treatment:

  • Quickly and easy service to perform in between chemical services or while undertaking a drastic colour change.

  • Builds and repairs bonds in damaged hair to restore the integrity of your hair.

  • Reduces the porosity of your hair to make your colour last longer and prevent fading.

  • Increases elasticity of your hair and restores your hair to its natural state.

The Olaplex Stand Alone treatment we strongly recommend for compromised hair 1 - 2 weeks before your colour to help with the porosity of the hair and to build strength. This is also a great treatment in-between colour services or as a course to rebuild damaged hair.

K18 Stand Alone Treatment



Not having colour?

Short on time?

Or just want a shot of the best intense treatment to

repair damaged hair?


Then you need our in-salon leave in treatment mask that clinically reverses damage in 4 minutes.


The patented peptide technology works to repair damage from bleach, colour, chemical services and heat - restoring strength, softness, smoothness and bounce to the hair.  

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