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In this in-depth 1-2-1 Bridal Hair Course for Beginners, Terri Gilham introduces you to the hair preparation techniques that form the basis of good hairstyling and shows you how to perfect these. 

Terri will then teach you the basic skills needed for successful hair styling and cover lots of techniques that are used daily in styling hair. You will also learn some classic and current popular styles.


This course will cover:

* Kit Essentials

* Prepping Hair

* Backcombing

* Curling & Pinning

* Getting a good base

* Half-Up Styles

* Up-Do's

* Braids


Other Key Learnings:

* How to manage Client expectations

* Dealing with different Hair Types

* Designing Wedding Day schedules

* Pricing

* Social Media Tips

Absolute beginner:   We suggest our 4 day course as we will start from the very beginning and cover everything needed for you to confidently start your Bridal Styling career. We will also style real models to give you that essential experience and some pictures to start your portfolio.

Some experience: If you have some experience with styling hair then 2 days is a good start. We can chat about your experience and decide what length of course would be best suited to you.

Length of course:     2 days

Investment:               £499

Length of course:     4 days

Investment:               £899

Interested? Please get in touch ...

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